For the past 10 years, I have worked with companies of all sizes, consulting with them on how to advertise their job postings and how to find the perfect employees for their open jobs.

After working on the ’employer’ side for so long, I got to know all the newest job boards, software, tips and tricks that companies use to find people for their jobs. During the past several years, friends and family members would always ask me how to find a job on the Internet.. which job boards to visit, what happens after they apply to a position, why nobody was contacting them when they apply online for jobs, and so on. All of these questions got me to thinking…

Internet Recruitment is a multi-billion dollar industry, and we all pride ourselves for the latest technologies, and the newest ways to find those jobseekers who are a perfect fit for our open job positions..

BUT, who is helping the jobseeker? How are all of you using the Internet to find us? Do you use the best job boards and latest technologies? Do you know what happens behind the scenes when you apply for jobs online?

Hopefully I can help you! By showing you how recruiters are searching for you, you will soon be as educated as those recruiters who are trying to find you, and you can learn how to make yourself stand out from everyone else, and most importantly, get that job!

Good luck!!



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