Are You LinkedIn?

Do you have an account on LinkedIn? Have you made connections with everyone you know? Do you have your LinkedIn account profile fully updated with your resume details?

You should.

Recruiters use LinkedIn as a valuable tool to find qualified jobseekers. They will read your qualifications, check out your network connections, and will be interested in any recommendations you may have.

Many times, recruiters will use LinkedIn as their first sourcing tool on the Internet for finding an applicant. Often times, those applicants with LinkedIn profiles are more experienced, and have more of the qualifications that they are looking for, than some of the major job boards.

Just like with other social networking sites, you can create and join groups on LinkedIn. I did a quick search on the LinkedIn groups section for the key words ‘pink slip’, and there are 20 groups created. Browse through the available groups, join a few, and make contributions to the discussions taking place. This is a great place to attract visibility to your profile.
If you don’t have a LinkedIn account yet, go and set one up! And always remember that LinkedIn is your public online resume – keep it professional and relevant!
For some great tips and more in depth information about using LinkedIn to find a job, check out JobMob – they have awesome step by step instructions for setting up your profile and using LinkedIn in every way possible.
And, once you join LinkedIn, send me an invite to connect!


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