Which Job Board Do You use to Find Jobs?

My friends and family ask me this every time someone is looking for a job. There are literally thousands and thousands of job boards out there, and finding the right one can be confusng and frustrating. Each job board will have different types of jobs and different companies on them, and most of the more popular job boards like Monster.com and CareerBuilder.com will have the exact same jobs posted to them!
Let’s start by going through a list of some of the most popular job board categories.

The Big 3

The 3 Biggest job boards online in the US include Monster.com, CareerBuilder.com, and Hotjobs.com. Each of these have hundreds of thousands of jobs posted to them. Most employers realize that they must post jobs to at least two out of the three, in order to attract the right mix of applicants. Of the 3, HotJobs, owned by Yahoo! has the least traffic, and the least job postings. Over the past several years, HotJobs has been rapidly declining as a major job board. So much so that most employers only consider the ‘Big 2″, and not HotJobs. Most job seekers I have spoken to do not like HotJobs, and say that they can’t find as many worthwhile job postings on the site.

Niche Sites

The “Niche’ job boards are becoming more and more popular with employers, since they feel like they are finding you in places where you hang out, instead of on the Big 3 Boards. Niche sites include job boards like Dice.com (for technology professionals), HealtheCareers.com for health care professionals, and actuary.com for Financial Actuaries. These are more targeted job boards, and employers believe that you are more likely to end up on a niche job board than you are on the Big 3. Niche sites also include the Careers section that appear on many association sites, like on swe.org (The Society of Women Engineers).

Diversity Sites

A well rounded employer’s recruitment plan will include job postings to Diversity sites, like LatPro.com, NSBE.com, and Diversity.com. Make sure you are checking these sites!

Local or Regional Sites

You may already know of the local or regional job boards in your community. Many of them are tied to your hometown newspaper, radio, or tv station. Be sure to check the websites for all of these. You may find that jobs are posted to these local sites, and not on any other job boards. You may also find out that some of these local sites will be branded by CareerBuilder.com or Monster.com. There are also other sites, like IndianapolisGigs.com, PittsburghJobs.com, etc. Try searching for local job boards on Google to see what you can find.

Job Posting Aggregators

This is where I always recommend you start your online job search. Job boards like Indeed.com and SimplyHired.com actually show jobs posted from all over the Internet – from job boards like Monster.com, the Niche sites, the local sites, and a company’s own website. Try it out and see what you find! Using a site like Indeed.com can save you hours of searching on many different job boards, since they consolidate job postings from all of these job boards into one place.

Another good place to start looking for jobs, once you have visited Monster and CareerBuilder, is Beyond.com. Beyond.com is a group of thousands of job boards, including Diversity sites, Niche sites, and Local sites. Everyone should be able to find at least a couple relevant job boards at Beyond.com.

Check out a few of these job boards! I will continue to post information about other job boards, but these should get you started. Once you check them out, let me know what you think, or leave a comment and let me know which job boards YOU use, and why!

Happy Hunting!


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